Tasked with creating a brand to fill a gap in the current market, I developed Herbose, a system of herbal remedies for chronic but non-life threatening afflictions such as acid reflux, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, and tension headaches. Struck by the prevalence of reported side effects of prescription drugs, I conceived of products that would seek to ameliorate common maladies in a more preventative, holistic, and natural way. Departing from clichéd associations with herbs, the brand seeks to fill a niche with a modern, customizable, and therapeutic approach to treatment. The brand is named Herbose, a melding of the words "herb" and "verbose," and includes tinctures (alcohol and herb concentrate) and dried herbs for infusions.  


This is a poster making meaning out of the street I lived on in Florence, Italy. 

8.27 x 11.69"  

Typeface: Neutraface













Museo Uffizi App

A tagline on the website of the Uffizi museum in Florence, Italy reads: "Where the long lines are almost as famous as the masterpieces." With this in mind, I designed an app meant to be used while waiting in line and visiting the galleries. With curated, customizable itineraries, a search feature, maps of the museum, a calendar of events, and a streamlined way to buy tickets, the app seeks to alleviate boredom, assist in navigation, speed up wait times, and encourage attendance at future museum events. Detailed descriptions of each artwork augment the visitor experience beyond the gallery placards.




Series: Book 1

Book created in Experimental Type class. Part One of a two-part set, this book explores issues of physical handicap through the lens of Helen Keller's speech, quotes by other disabled public figures, and Tim Hetherington's photo essay of the blind in Sierra Leone. 

Typefaces: Avenir, Superclarendon






Series: Book 2

Book created in Experimental Type class. Part Two of a two-part set, this book explores issues of mental disorders through the lens of Eleanor Longden's Ted Talk, quotes by famous artists suffering from mental illness, and Aun Raza's photographs of a mental hospital in Pakistan.

Typefaces: Avenir, Superclarendon





Vivoli Gelateria

Rebrand of Florence's first gelateria including menu and business card. Printed on ivory colored paper. 

Typefaces: Fira Sans, Mrs Eaves





Concert Poster

Assigned a concert featuring Beethoven's Second Symphony, I designed an exclusively typographic poster describing the score's second movement. Scale shifts call to mind lumbering base notes contrasted with the repetition of a tinkling flute. The color scheme represents Beethoven's sited pastoral influences. 


Typefaces: Univers, Garamond

Typeface Design

Original typeface inspired by aviation. 


Postcard Set

Set of cards exploring the subjectivity of memory. The front of each card depicts an emotional impression of a place in Florence, Italy. The back of each card features an adjective I associated with the place, coupled with a stanza of William Sotheby's poem Florence.

8 x 10" 


Opinion Book

Assigned the essay "Who Do You Think You Are?," by Wesley Morris of the New York Times, I designed a book incorporating his editorial piece alongside Sylvia Plath's gendered poem "Ariel."


Typefaces: Futura, Garamond Pro




Monogram for Andre 3000

Monogram and accompanying business card for the musician and rap artist Andre 3000. 

Infographic on US Jail Data

Typefaces: Neutraface, Verdana


Fall Calendar for Sam Fox School of Art & Design


Double-sided calendar for the fall events at the Sam Fox School of Art & Design at Washington University in St. Louis.

32 x 40" 

Typefaces: Optima and Capitol


Collections Poster

Asked to design an informational poster based off of a collection, I chose to reveal the 88 constellations of the night sky, their geographic locations and zodiac signs. 

Typeface: Scala Sans


Poem Book

I was assigned Matt Mullican's poem 'Untitled' and asked to create a book using type and image. I designed and constructed a book using digitally manipulated typography and photographs in Photoshop and InDesign. 

Typeface: Scala Sans